FET Dynacon’s Underwater Vehicles

FET Dynacon’s XLX Evo II Ultra Heavy Duty ROV System. FET Dynacon image.

Forum Energy Technologies (FET) Dynacon, designer and manufacturer of submarine rescue systems and equipment, have supported military organizations and naval forces for over 45 years. Through its two brands, Perry Slingsby Systems and Sub-Atlantic, FET Dynacon has delivered more than 800 manned and unmanned underwater vehicles.

FET Dynacon’s portfolio encompasses a diverse range of underwater vehicles tailored to meet various maritime needs. From working class ROVs to submarine rescue systems, observational ROVs, trenchers, and tether management systems, the company offers a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to excel in challenging underwater environments.

A standout product in FET Dynacon’s lineup is its Perry Work-Class ROVs, characterized by their heavy-duty construction. These ROVs boast a 200hp rating, enabling them to operate at depths of up to 4000 meters with a payload capacity of at least 880 lbs. With a bollard pull of over one ton, they offer superior maneuverability and control for a wide range of underwater tasks.

FET Dynacon’s submarine rescue vehicles (SRVs) represent another cornerstone of the company’s offerings. Operating without tether and powered by battery, these vehicles are capable of diving to depths over 600 meters and rescuing up to 17 submariners per dive. The company’s NSRS (NATO Submarine Rescue System), which entered service in 2008, remains a benchmark in the industry and is on constant standby for rescue operations worldwide. Packaged for rapid deployment by air transport, the NSRS is equipped with all necessary surface elements to ensure swift and effective response in emergency situations.

The 33′, 30-ton submarine steel, single-piece hull can mate with distressed submarines at angles of up to 60 degrees. Equipped with the latest sensor and battery technologies, the SRV system is supplied with a Launch & Recovery System, a complete training & after-sales support package, as well as an ROV System, Simulator, ELSS Pod Skid & Mating Target, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in critical maritime operations.