Japan’s 3D survey company, Windy Network, has chosen a Saab Seaeye Falcon underwater robotic vehicle for its global operations.

Japanese submarine ‘Kairyu’ surveyed using 3D high-precision acoustic sonar.

They intend deploying the Falcon on a wide range of missions, including academic research, marine archaeology, fishery surveys and construction installation studies, such as offshore wind energy sites.

For such a variety of operational undertakings the versatile Falcon is an ideal choice, says Windy Network.

The Falcon can be fully loaded with cameras, sonars and tooling, yet will remain highly manoeuvrable and stay steady even in strong currents and turbulent waters.

Already the world’s top selling robot in its class, the Saab Seaeye Falcon’s success comes from being an easy to use, metre-sized, intelligent, powerful, five-thruster, multi-tasking vehicle with a reliability record covering over a million hours underwater.

It will join Windy Network’s fleet of remotely operated vehicles — a vital resource for an innovator in the research and development of 3D measurement systems and operator of Japan’s residential Ocean Research Training Facility.

As a marine survey 3D measurement company and developer, Windy Network aims to process huge amounts of acquired data with high accuracy and efficiency, corrected for ship vibration for a seamless display.

Supporting Windy Network in their acquisition was Saab Seaeye’s distributor in Japan, Marimex.


The Saab Seaeye Falcon’s reliability record covers over a million hours underwater working at a vast array of tasks using a variety of cameras, sonars and tooling.

Windy Network is a marine survey 3D measurement company and developer.

Saab Seaeye is world leader in electric underwater robotics.

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