FET completes sea trials of submarine rescue vehicle for Vietnam


FET’s submarine rescue vehicle (SRV)

Offering increased power compared to previous models, the submarine rescue vehicle features an auxiliary thruster control system that allows for speeds up to 4kt.


Forum Energy Technologies (FET) has completed sea trials of an advanced submarine rescue vehicle (SRV) ahead of its deployment with the Vietnamese Navy.

Trials tested the SRV’s ability to perform various operations, including deep dives, navigation, and mating with a target. Nine FET personnel assisted in-country commissioning, and testing took two months to complete.

The sea trials followed a commissioning period, and factory acceptance tests took place at FET’s test tank in the UK.

The SRV is divided into two sections: a pilot command module and a rescue chamber. The SRV can rescue 17 people at a time and operate at depths up to 600m. It can attach to submarines at angles over 40 degrees.

Shephard’s Defence Insight lists the Vietnamese Navy as operating six Russian-supplied improved Kilo class submarines.