Especially suited for the offshore wind energy market, the Saab Seaeye Cougar XT Compact robotic vehicle has been chosen for Taiwan’s huge offshore wind farm development.

Taiwan is currently actively developing offshore wind energy to meet the goal of 5.7GW.

Taiwan’s Metal Industries Research and Development Centre (MIRDC) will train ROV pilots to assist in the development and maintenance of the turbines’ underwater structures.

The training will be undertaken by MIRDC at the Maritime Technology Innovation Centre created by the Bureau of Energy and the Ministry of Economic Affairs for the cultivation of national offshore wind energy talents.

Created for currents

Created for challenging environmental conditions inherent in shallow water operations the Seaeye low-profile 300m rated Cougar XT Compact is specially designed to minimise the effect of current, with a reduced frame size, buoyancy and weight — and a thinner 17mm tether cable that reduces the effect of drag.

Its six powerful thrusters hold the Cougar steady in strong cross currents and allow it to operate with precise manoeuvrability around structures whilst handling a wide array of equipment that can include cameras, sonar, tracking systems and manipulators.

MIRDC’s Cougar XT Compact comes with a Kongsberg colour zoom camera, Blueview multibeam sonar, Tritec SeaKing sidescan sonar, Cygnus ultrasonic thickness gauge, CP contact probe and a four-function manipulator. It also comes as a free-swimming option and has its own 16 ft control cabin.

At the Maritime Technology Innovation Centre, the offshore wind energy training courses organised by MIRDC will provide training and certification in Taiwan and for the Asia Pacific region.


Especially suited for the offshore renewables market, the 300m rated Seaeye Cougar XT Compact has a low-profile configuration to meet the challenging environmental conditions inherent in shallow water operations.

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