For superyacht owners, eyes beneath the waves, provided by intelligent underwater robotic vehicles, is a valuable resource.

Putting eyes underwater the Falcon is a valuable resource for superyachts offered by MarineGuard.


Global yacht security company, MarineGuard, include the Saab Seaeye Falcon underwater robotic vehicle as part of their security system for superyachts.

Proven in defence and marine science operations, the Falcon can examine a yacht’s hull millimetre by millimetre with its HD cameras, and descend down 1000 metres to explore the seabed below.

Superyacht owners often view the underwater world live on stateroom large screens, from images transmitted by a roaming Falcon.

As an underwater workhorse the Falcon is fitted with a gripper for recovering items from the seabed, with other tools added as needed. Tools such as rope cutters for severing 15mm rope and 12mm steel wire rope, powerful manipulators and cleaning systems for keeping critical fittings clear.

Diver safety is a key benefit. As a dive buddy, a Falcon can survey a dive site and then watch over the diver when below. It can also transport items back and forth during a dive.

Security bubble

MarineGuard, known for creating a ‘virtual security bubble’ around a yacht, chose the Falcon as the world’s top selling underwater robotic vehicle in its class.

The Falcon’s 20-year success comes from having created a small metre-sized, powerful, highly maneuverable, multi-tasking, easy to use vehicle, depth rated to 300 and 1000 metres.

Enhanced with Saab Seaeye’s revolutionary iCON™ intelligent control system, the Falcon is a future-flexible package designed to adopt evolving technologies.

MarineGuard, who design and install security systems for ever larger and more technologically advanced superyachts, are keen to include proven and technologically-leading solutions in their choice of Falcon.

The Falcon has a trusted reliability record covering thousands of hours of undersea operations globally, working in the most challenging environments with the ability to master turbulent waters and strong currents whilst remaining stable during filming and undertaking delicate tasks.

Defence forces and marine scientists use the adaptable Falcon for a wide variety of missions and research projects. It is also used extensively in the robust offshore energy industry, amongst other sectors.


The Falcon can be fitted with a range of cameras for detailed hull inspection and deep seabed exploration, along with tools for handling items, rope cutting and cleaning.


A Falcon can watch over a diver and survey a site before a dive.

Saab Seaeye is world leader in electric underwater robotics — including ROV, AUV, hybrid systems and tooling — and creator of the revolutionary iCON™ ecosystem.

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