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Sea mines continue to increase in sophistication and are a growing operational concern as they proliferate in the naval arsenals of potentially adverse nations who maintain robust inventories.  Today, sea mines are highly advanced and come in many different varieties, from bottom-buried mines, to acoustically-actuated variants to mines manufactured from composite materials; all of which makes detection and disposal even more challenging.

To conduct safe MCM-EOD operations, divers need an advanced rebreather capability and it is crucial that the clearance diver has complete faith in the rebreather they work with, to protect them and keep them safe. Any magnetic and acoustic signature could compromise their safety by detonating the ordnance in front of them.

With over 600 MCM sets in operation globally, our Stealth CDLSE rebreather is one of the most popular MCM-EOD rebreathers in service and completely non-magnetic and acoustically compliant.

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