Glasgow firm forms 24/7 worldwide submarine rescue service

                                         Submarine rescue vessel to be deployed by Malin React and JFD


Glasgow firm Malin React has teamed up with underwater specialist JFD to provide a worldwide emergency submarine rescue service.

The agreement is designed to ensure rapid vessel mobilisation of JFD’s submarine rescue assets anywhere in the world, minimising the time to first rescue (TTFR).

Malin React, which offers ship mobilisation solutions, JFD, part of Cumbria-based James Fisher and Sons, will create a global pool of engineers on 24-hour standby to help commercial and military clients. Both firms have Aberdeen and Glasgow offices.
Richard Devlin, head of operations, EMEA and global submarine rescue at JFD said: “In the event of an incident, the fast and effective mobilisation of a submarine rescue system is a vital component of the rescue operation, and having the ability to quickly reach a distressed submarine anywhere in the world whilst maintaining optimum operational capability is critical to protecting human life at sea.”
                                Rescue submarine on its launch vessel is like something from TV show Thunderbirds


In the event of a submarine emergency, and assuming no dedicated rescue vessels are available, a fly-away submarine rescue capability will be deployed and mobilised to a nearby vessel of opportunity (VOO) which will then conduct a rescue operation for the distressed submarine (DISSUB).

The firms said that critical to the success of rescue operations is keeping the TTFR to an absolute minimum, ensuring that the rescue capability is always available and ready to deploy as quickly as possible.

To successfully and quickly deploy a JFD submarine rescue capability to the site of the DISSUB within the shortest possible time frame, a vital component in the rescue evolution is ensuring the fast and efficient installation of the rescue assets onto a suitable VOO. The teaming agreement with Malin React will ensure there is a dedicated and experienced global pool of engineers on standby.

Graham Tait, managing director at Malin React, added: “Through this agreement, Malin React and JFD are able to combine naval architecture, engineering and installation resources and processes, creating a mobilisation team with the broad experience and reach to provide global support to JFD and the world’s navies.”