COBRA (Compact Bailout Rebreathing Apparatus) is a unique bailout system combining significant safety advancements while remaining easy to operate and maintain.


COBRA features.JPG


Designed and developed by JFD as part of its Divex range of rebreathers, COBRA is a direct and highly effectual response to the urgent need for significant safety improvements in the saturation diving industry.

COBRA is the only commercial emergency rebreather system in the world to have been granted CE Marking status to NORSOK U101 (Diving Respiratory Equipment) and EN14143 (Self Contained Rebreathing Apparatus), leading the way in terms of safety and functionality.

The system suppliesĀ an extended durationĀ of fully independent breathing gas in an emergency scenario, and is designed to be smaller than most bailout systems. Like all Divex breathing systems, COBRA is robust and reliable with a very low work of breathing.


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