For their search, rescue and recovery operations The Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie has chosen a Saab Seaeye Falcon underwater robotic vehicle.

They choose the Falcon as a small, yet powerful resource for rapid deployment from a small boat or RIB and which can accommodate an array of search and recovery systems.

Its proven virtues have appealed to other emergency and law enforcement services around the world, including operating reliably in some of the most demanding environments on the planet, from extreme heat to under ice, and from deep tunnel investigations to overcoming strong currents and tides.

The Falcon will be deployed along Morocco’s 2000 km coastline and in the country’s many inland lakes.

The Gendarmerie liked that in strong currents the Falcon can manoeuvre with precision and remain steady on task, whilst also fitted with a variety of tooling, cameras and sonar equipment.

They particularly like that that it can work in confined spaces, in darkness and tirelessly for hours at a time.

This capability comes from having five powerful thrusters and an intelligent distributed control system that helps maintain stability in turbulent waters.

Rapid mission change

The distributed control system allows equipment to be changed rapidly for different missions

The equipment provided for the Falcon was arranged by Saab Seaeye’s Spanish distributor, Casco Antiguo, and includes: high definition video camera, scanning sonar, MicronNav system for tracking in very shallow water, a sample scoop, five-function manipulator and rope cutter.

The equipment provided for the Falcon was arranged by Saab Seaeye's Spanish distributor, Casco Antiguo.

The Gendarmerie also appreciate that their Falcon can go places too hazardous for diving operations and where the depth of water and strength of current are too dangerous for divers to operate.

But when divers are necessary, hazardous searches can be avoided and dive time reduced by first sending down the Falcon with its camera and high intensity lights to pinpoint what the diver cannot see and direct them to the location of interest.

Once the diver is at work, the Falcon can keep a watchful eye over them for added safety, along with saving dive time by transporting tools back and forth.

The unique character of the Falcon, that measures just 1 x 0.5 x 0.6 metres, has made it the most successful robotic vehicle of its size in the world since its launch over 15 years ago.

Saab Seaeye is the world’s leading underwater eā€robotics company, with the most advanced range of tethered, autonomous and hybrid electric robotic systems, engineered to address the diverse range of tasks found across commercial, defence and scientific markets.

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