Divex merges with James Fisher Defence to become JFD

In 2013 Divex Ltd. was acquired by James Fisher and Sons plc. The move brought together the quality and assurance for which we are renowned with the operational pedigree of James Fisher Defence.

Since the acquisition, the two companies have continued to trade under their own names. As of July, the trading name of both JF Defence and Divex has become, simply, JFD.


What does this mean for you?

Our service to new and existing customers will improve.

  • Our commitment to quality, safety and assurance will remain our top priority.
  • Our Research & Development programmes will continue at increased pace.
  • JFD will continue to offer the complete portfolio of Divex brand products.
  • The Divex brand will be maintained at the product level and will remain a mark of quality, reliability and innovation.
  • The range of products and services we offer you will increase.


Our relationship won’t change.
  • Our legal entity will remain Divex Ltd.
  • The terms and conditions of existing contracts are not affected.
  • There is no requirement for novation of contracts.
  • Our contact details, with the exception of our e-mail addresses, will remain unchanged.
  • The convention for e-mail addresses will be [initial].[surname]@jfdglobal.com
  • You’ll continue to work with the same people; all of our employees are being retained.

We will continue to work from our existing offices and sites around the world.

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you’d like to discuss how this may affect you and your team. We thank you for your custom, and look forward to providing greater service in the future.