Setting a New Standard for Emergency Breathing Systems

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Hansen Protection has really raised the bar for Emergency Breathing Systems with the introduction of SeaAir EBS. Its capability to withstand freezing temperatures, a design that enables breathing to start under water, its unique nose clip and its fantastic ergonomics have made it the only system of its type that is recommended by the US Navy.

The SeaAir EBS Emergency Breathing System was a success as soon as it was launched. SeaAir EBS in combination with the world’s most intelligent survival suit ever, the SeaAir Helicopter Passenger Suit, is a unique solution where innovative technology puts the designer and manufacturer Hansen Protection leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

Passed US Navy Tests
And that’s what, not least, the American US Navy Seals found out with their no-holds barred product testing. SeaAir EBS’ stage one is recommended by the US Navy and is the only system that has passed their cold water test. – No other Emergency Breathing System has passed this test, where a criterion is that the system shall work in temperatures around freezing. SeaAir performs exceedingly well and that is more than confirmed as the US Navy has chosen to use it, says Knut Aasle, Product Manager at Hansen Protection.

Successful International Cooperation
The innovative SeaAir EBS is yet another confirmation that Hansen Protection leads the way when it comes to the design and manufacture of personal safety equipment for the Offshore, Air Transport and Maritime Sectors. This Norwegian company made its first survival suits as far back as 1976 in connection with the start-up of oil activities in the North Sea. When Hansen Protection now wanted to give the market a long sought after and functional emergency breathing system for helicopter crew and passengers, it was quite natural to go to the neighboring country, Sweden. The Swedish company Poseidon is a world leader in the manufacture of diving equipment, and has been part of the successful industrial cooperation which has resulted in Hansen Protection’s SeaAir EBS.

Complete Solution
SeaAir EBS has several major benefits when compared to the competition, and is the market’s most complete EBS. The System incorporates a solution that makes it possible to start breathing under water, a nose clip that adapts to any nose, a design so that vomit is channeled out of the way and ergonomics that mean it is no longer necessary to bite the mouth piece to keep it in place.
– This is a total concept that we have worked long and hard to solve. We are proud to be the first in the world to make such a good solution as SeaAir EBS available, says Knut Aasle.

SeaAir EBS is mainly used in connection with Offshore Helicopter Transport. Norway, Russia, Germany, France and the Netherlands are countries where SeaAir EBS is already in use. The System is also used for various military applications, such as by the US Navy Seals.

SeaAir EBS is integrated in the SeaLion Europe Life Jacket and SeaAir Survival Suit. Both of these are EASA and ETSO approved. SeaAir EBS is, in addition, compatible with Hansen Protection’s SeaAir Helicopter Passenger Suits already widely used on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Meeting New Standards
Hansen Protection is preparing to launch a fully CAA-UK approved life jacket with a Cat A EBS, in accordance with CAP 1034 requirements for helicopter crews and passengers. In autumn 2014 the British Air Transport Authorities introduced new and more stringent demands for emergency breathing systems (EBS). The new requirements stipulate, amongst other things, that the equipment must be able to be activated under water. The same requirements will come into force in the Netherlands from May, and these requirements are of course fully met by SeaAir EBS.

SeaAir EBS Facts:

  • Works in freezing temperatures, a feature SeaAir EBS is alone on in the market.
  • Ergonomic, protective mouth piece for safe breathing.
  • The user does not need to bite on the mouth piece to hold it in place.
  • A nose clip that fits all noes.
  • Even though a user may vomit in the mouth piece, it is possible to keep breathing, thanks to a unique design that channels away any vomit.
  • SeaAir EBS has a manometer that clearly shows the system is ready to use.
  • SeaAir EBS is the only system in the world to be approved by the US Navy for cold water use.
  • Designed and manufactured in cooperation with the world’s leading provider of professional diving equipment, Poseidon.
  • Can be integrated with the SeaLion Europe Life Jacket and SeaAir Survival Suit, both of which are EASA ETSO approved.