Pirates Ahoy for Half Term at Submarine Museum


Pirates are on the run at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum in Gosport, Hampshire as part of the extra free family events on offer this Half Term on Tuesday 18 and Thursday 20 February.  Families can have fun finding out why submariners are nicknamed "pirates", see the many Jolly Roger flags on display and dress up as pirates to play on the pirate ship.


Gareth Brettell, Education Manager at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum said, "This Half Term our family fun activities are all about pirates, making Jolly Rogers and trying on hilarious hats


"Made by the crew themselves, the Jolly Roger  very quickly became a proud, visible expression of the bravery and daring  of the Royal Navy Submarine Service"


The Jolly Roger and the term "pirate" were first used by the Royal Navy Submarine service when Lt Cdr Max Horton RN, in command of HMS E9, raised the Jolly Roger in September 1914 on return from a successful patrol.  He had remembered the words of Vice Admiral Sir Arthur Wilson, when he has spoke out against the adoption of the submarine by the Royal Navy in 1901, "The Crews of all submarines captured should be treated as pirates and hanged"


Alongside the extra free family activities; every day through the Half Term, families can visit the funny Horrible Science of Submarines exhibition that explores the horrible side of life as a submariner written by the bestselling author of the Horrible Science books, Nick Arnold and illustrated by Tony De Saulles. This interactive exhibition highlights how smelly submariners were, the ghastly food they ate and how sub loos could turn into poo fountains. 


The Royal Navy Submarine Museum is open every day during the Half Term and includes the opportunity to get onboard the Royal Navy's first submarine Holland 1 built in 1901 and meet a submariner who can tell firsthand what it is like to work and live under the sea. For more information visit www.submarine-museum.co.uk or call 023 92545036.