Soil Machine Dynamics Limited (SMD), world leading manufacturer of remote intervention
equipment, and SeeByte, a global leader in creating smart software for unmanned
maritime systems, have announced the successful integration of SeeTrack CoPilot to SMD’s
work-class ROV system.

“SMD’s work class ROVs are renowned for their reliability and flexibility in a range of
duties” commented Ioseba Tena, Sales Manager at SeeByte. “By pairing the SMD work
class ROVs with SeeTrack CoPilot, the vehicle is now even better equipped to carry out
successful surveys, field development and pre & post lay operations, amongst a range of
other applications. We are pleased to be moving successfully forward in our partnership
with SMD.”

The integration and trials, which took place in Fort William, Scotland, in mid-January,
saw SeeByte’s SeeTrack CoPilot Software system for dynamic positioning and real-time
monitoring of work class ROVs, successfully carry out a number of survey missions using the software’s easy to use, point-and-click interface. The software provides advanced features such as flight-modes, a map that moves in real-time to aid piloting, chart overlay and the ability to track specific structures within the water column, which will be of great benefit to operations.

Mahesh Menon, R&D Manager at SMD commented; “I am very pleased to see the positive
outcome as a result of the hard work done by both SMD and SeeByte in terms of the
integration of SeeTrack CoPilot with our work-class ROV systems, and subsequent trials.

We are excited about introducing a range of features that make this a system like no other,
offering countless benefits to our customers. I am also really excited about the technology
roadmap that we have set out to move the partnership forward.”

For more information please email Ioseba Tena, Sales Manager at [email protected] or visit