Submarine decommissioning ceremony will mark end of 29 years of service


A decommissioning ceremony will be held for the Plymouth-based submarine HMS Turbulent on Saturday (14th July). The event marks the end of 29 years of service.

    The decommissioning event will provide a memorable opportunity to officially decommission Turbulent from her fleet life. It will also be an opportunity for me to offer my and the Royal Navy’s gratitude for the hard work the men of Turbulent have provided me and my predecessors over recent years. It will be an honour to have Lady Cassidi attend the event as ship’s sponsor after many years of unfaltering support.

– Commander Nicholas Wheeler, HMS Turbulent current commanding officer

As a Trafalgar class submarine its nuclear power plant generates enough electricity to theoretically power a town the size of Swindon. HMS Turbulent is the second Royal Navy submarine to bear the name. The first was a Triton Class submarine launched in 1941 which served during World War 2.