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We’d like to introduce you to the Business Development and Customer Services team here at Molecular Products Ltd.

Following the record year of 2011/12 there are a number of new faces and changes to the Business Development and Customer Services Team. To help direct your communication and enquiries to the correct person, please refer to the photograph below and the contact details on the right.

Back row (L-R): Andrew McKernan, Natalie Sewell, Phil Heyes, Phil McCarthy
Front row (LR): Emma Knight, Jackie Raeside, Gayle Youngman

We look forward to supporting you with your ongoing requirements.

Molecular Products LtdMedical
Phil McCarthy
T: +44 (0)1279 401207
E: [email protected]

Industrial, Safety and Diving                                   
Phil Heyes
T: +44 (0)1279 401208
E: [email protected]

Military and ROG
Andrew McKernan
T: +44 (0)1279 445111
E: [email protected]

Natalie Sewell, Jackie Raeside and Gayle Youngman
T: +44 (0)1279 445111
E: [email protected]

Emma Knight
T: +44 (0)1279 401221
E: [email protected]

Molecular Products Sets the Standard in Submarine Safety

Molecular Products Ltd specialises in the manufacturing of chemical absorbents, chemical based devices and catalysts, for emergency air purification. Committed to the pursuit of cutting edge technology, Molecular Products is a global leader in the supply of life support equipment.

The organisation is committed to developing innovative solutions which are tailor made to meet the demands of life critical situations. Molecular Products is widely recognised in the defence community and serves the Royal Navy and other Armed Forces and Navies around the world, including those in Australia, Canada, USA and Singapore. Offering a complete product solution for routine operations and emergency situations in confined spaces designed to sustain human life.

Molecular Products is committed to offering best value without compromising on quality, delivering outstanding technical solutions based upon a profound understanding of the customer’s requirements. There is no substitute for 30 years of experience! For more information logon to


Product Focus:


  • Oxygen generators
  • Catalysts for air purification
  • Sofnolime® for CO2 Removal
  • Sofnolime® for military diving