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Sektion Nord
Marienthaler Str. 17
24340 Eckernförde
+49 (4351) 735-111
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With 30 years’ experience as producer and developer of high-end diving apparel, subsidiaries in USA, Germany and China, and independent distributors in every country where diving matters, Waterproof is well represented on every continent and in every sea. In order to survive the harsh northern Scandinavian climate our ancestors learned the necessity of paying attention to even the smallest details of their gear. They learned to never ever walk out into the cold wilderness casually, but to do so with the certainty that their equipment would have the necessary quality to stand up to the reality of their climate. This is why, at Waterproof we control our own R&D, have our own production facility, do our own sourcing of materials, all under the most rigorous quality control in order to meet the toughest standards and challenges posed by the real world. And then we test our products and ideas in our expeditions to both Antarctica and the Artic. This is our heritage and we are proud of it.

At Waterproof we simply call this Facing Reality!


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